Monday, December 20, 2010

Facebook No More

So, it has been a while since I'm having endless fun of Facebook-ing. And to be frank, that has certainly took a lot of my study time. So I have firmly decided to stop logging in. But you know, I don't really trust myself in curbing this urge of posting, commenting and stalking on Facebook. Apparently, I've found a sheer brilliant solution to this.

Step to stop Facebook-ing without Deactivation or Deletion

  1. Make an announcement telling everyone is your friend list that you will not be active on Facebook until a period of time. Tell them where and how they can reach you. I'm sure there are a lot more means of communication, cellphone, YM, Skype, Twitter (these are less addictive)
  2. Let the status for a while, 2 or 3 hours will do.
  3. Have fun with the time remaining, but do not post any more status, you can comment, or like or anything but do not update any new status after step number 1
  4. This is the most challenging step, you need to find someone who you can trust to proceed. Change your email address to his/her email (make sure your friend email is not associated with any Facebook account, or else make a new one)
  5. After step number 5 is done, you need him/her to change your password, which means you need to log out for good from your Facebook account
  6. You no more granted an access to your Facebook account!!
Step number 4 is necessary in order to avoid you from clicking "Forgot Password?" link on Facebook system.
You might have this withdrawal symptoms for a moment, that it will be ok after some times.

I practically do this for my Facebook account. And I am not going to log in until May 2011, which is after the IB exam :)

I have this other means of communication:

  • Yahoo Messenger : seed_dead
  • Skype                 : azmirfakkri
  • Twitter               : azmirseedfakkri
  • Blog                   : there is a shoutbox there,feel free to drop a line
  • Formspring          : AzmirSeedFakkri
  • Cellphone            : this is private =.='