Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Favorite Songs 2010

You think life cannot be expressed in songs? You dead wrong. Back then, mase kecik2 anak soleh solat tak pena tinggal, porn pun tatau lagi, I was so against music. Mase kakak asyik melantak music, sumbat2 telinga die dengan segala macam maksiat suara, I lah yang sorang2 bernasyid, berzanji mahupun berzikir. Okay those are all bollocks people. LOL

Then when I was in Form 1, I accidentally registered myself under music club. I was pretty much a tall boy at that moment, that might be the major reason why I was coaxed to put my damn long name on that paper. So, there I was, the drum major for marching band for 5 years..I'm not talking about that short 5 months, 5 years. ade sorang indian ni tinggi babi, tapi tak masuk pun band. masuk2 je band room, ade red carpet plus tin arak bersepah nak buat party sebab dapat drum major baru. drum major lame kene pindah sekolah, padah nak sangat patahkan kaki anak orang. music club ni, eh no no, back then we were labeled as budak band. most students they were so against us, even the teachers, macam la kami buat sex bebas sesame kitorang. and since then, I started to love music and I learnt how to play saxophone. I ni amature je, Kenny G nak  ajar tapi susa la long distance, internet malaysia sucks, nak skype pun tunggu bulu idung terkeluar baru 1 mesej sampai...ok exagerate je tu

since then, I started to download lots of songs from different genres. up till now too i am still an experimental listener. but I kinda get my own cuppa tea. I like pop rock, oldies too, I love Avril, Michelle Branch, The Beatles and also Air Supply. All time favorite. So, stop babbling, these are my favorite songs for the moment

see, told ya, I have a bit of everything, pop country ade, even korea pun ade. OMG. i guess i am an easy listener. 

though i love to listen to songs, but when i start to read academic books, i prefer to not listen to any or i'll turn to songs without lyrics. biase lah , suare sedap macam Kris Allen mesti la nak sing along. so if the song does not have any lyric, my mind can have a super power to absorb more, plus my hands will work ever harder. they pump epinephrine to all parts of my body.

I have loads more that I listen to, orchestra, I even listen to mozart, Tchaikovsky, and all that, in fact I love Benny Benassi and David Guetta so much I could just fall asleep head banging to these lullabies. I don't really listen to malay songs. I don't know why, but I do listen to Indonesia band and ohh yeah Aliff Aziz, cool songs aite? LOL.

So whatever u listen to, have fun with it. Enjoy every beats of the songs, because if you're lucky, you might be getting your inspiration through these random songs.

Break for Lorong Midaq
Start reading at 5pm and until now
Manage to read 2 chapters, how cool was that