Friday, February 4, 2011

The Airplane

Let's turn back the time,pisshhhh,pisssshh,pisshhhhh.....


I stand still.Looking outside of the window.Actually,I'm going to the back of the class to scour the cabinets for my exam paper.But,here I am,my attention is caught by the thunderous sounds of the flight engine.Little do I know,this short moment watching the flight taking off will be the start of everything,the start of building the foundation of hopes and dreams,brick by brick.

Kringggggggggggggggg (the bell is ringing)

Talking to self : Ouh,it's the end of the night class.Should run to the cafe or otherwise I won't be able to eat nasi goreng and telur goyang.

Well,that's the norm.The reality of being the first former in SAKTI.And the thoughts of flying high,it didn't stop there,in the classroom.It had become an inspiration for this boy.He could lead such a different life if it's not because of the airplane.And the vision of the airplane,stick to the boy's mind since then,and the next day,the following year,


I'm 20,and that memory,had passed by me 7 years ago.Still,I'm fascinated by the airplane.I'll look up every time the airplane roar overhead.I'll stare until it's vanished beneath the clouds,flying high,bringing my hopes and dreams of leaving this country and start anew.I'm longing for the day I can wake up for a new day,the day that will fill me new visions and new hopes in reaching out to people.

The motivation that I have,it all started with a very simple stare,a stare to a starry night with an airplane building up all the momentum hogging the boundless sky.Frankly,a book didn't initiate this determination,a song,a movie,none of those.It just took me a detail observation towards my surrounding.Use your senses to go deeper in understanding yourself,be honest to yourself and you'll see what lies underneath.

Take your time,look around.Breathe.Stare.Think.For less than 10 minutes,find your own strength,a strength that'll keep your going forever.