Monday, April 4, 2011

And I Keep Going

Monday morning,
Shower me with its warmth,
It's a start of a journey,
The taken road.

Time.It doesn't wait for you.For every blinks,a second pass you.And the further you sail,the farther you from the memories that you made.And the path,fill you with ripples,a wavy ocean,and you need to stay strong.This is the perfect time of giving.I promise.A promise to succeed in this battlefield together,strong and sound as a team.I'm not hoping for a smooth sailing,and I'm halfway home,halfway to the end.I can't look back.Stand still,bold and let a smile tuck in the agony.

Dear Life,
Be strong with whatever challenges ahead of you.Don't ever forget those people that were once in your life.Appreciate every single of them.They teach you to be a better person in coping with life.Embrace the remaining moments that you still have.This is the place,the place you pour your heart out.And don't ever regret for anything that you had done before.A scarred heart makes you stronger and don't complaint and begging for a better life because this is the best that you will ever possess.

Dear Angels,
Hear my prayers.Relay those to God.I pick my choices and I believe God will decide the best for me.On Angel's wings I put all my wishful thinking.Fly high soaring above the sky and make an angelical formation so I could feel alright once again knowing God will hear my prayers.

Dear Rain,
Pour more,pore heavily.Wash away my sanity and let me be a child once more.Wash away my painful filth,let it flow to the end of the road,rejoicing life once more.Keep me company,keep me out of the warmth of Monday morning.Chilly morning shakes some senses into me.

Dear Friends,
All the best.Pray harder,study harder.You decide on your life.No matter how bumpy the roads are,we have hands that we can hold tight and a shoulder to cry on.That's what friends are for,in time of happiness,we share the laughters,in hard time of sadness,we console each others.We gonna make this through.We will and we do it as a team.

Dear Readers,
This metaphorical post is for you to ponder its vague meaning.It might denotes  something to some people but that doesn't mean it resembles everyone else's.We all hope for the best in life,but the best is not necessarily the best for you.As we grow older,we'll see what's life is all about.

And it's still pouring.It pours like there's no tomorrow and it makes me feel good once again.