Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm Fine

It is suppose to be my sleep time right now but I need to write this so I will remind myself that I have been through this a lot of times.It's my guide to lead back my life on track,when the clouds rain obstacles and the wind blows with the thirst of moving on with life.

I'm fine.I'm totally fine with some mild cough and stuffy nose,I'm fine.I can live with this for as long as a year.Had once caught flu for the whole year and resulted in some severe headache before this.

I live to do awesome stuffs.Not to prove to people but none other than myself.I define my awesome.It might be awesome to me but completely the opposite for you.

I need to collect myself and patch up those tiny holes in the heart.I need to be highly motivated.I wish to have thousands of wishes granted but since life is not a walk in the cloud,I'll take whatever coming with the pleasure of learning this whole life journey.

I'm getting tired of IRP session,the facts confusing moments are so highly likely to occur in every 5 minutes.I just can't stand it.And the exercises,it's like there's no more space for you to breathe.

Nevertheless,I'm fine.I'm fine because I have my friends to cheer me up.I'm fine because I have my family to rely on.I'm fine because I know up there,Abah is gonna be happy with what I'm doing.I'm fine because I know I have Allah.

All in all,I'm fine because I feel fine about myself :)