Saturday, May 7, 2011

Loser Me

Love to daydream lately.
Love to think that I'm in Ireland right now sorting out my life.
Love to think IB is over and life starts over once again.
Love to think I can do better in my future life.
Love to think I'm over you.
Love to think I have plenty of your replacement.
Love to think life is not just about acing the papers.
Love to think life is not just about reading facts books.
Love to think there could be another you.
Good talk,good talk,good talk buddy.
We laughed and we laughed and the endless teasing.
Future and the mysteries to unravel.
Love to look up,de-tangle clumps of clouds,adoring blue sky.
Love to think I can look back and smile about this journey.
After all it's a life,my life,so I'll breathe in and I pray,that things are just gonna be alright and perfect for me :)