Sunday, May 15, 2011

Soaking In The Sun Of Last Sunday

We walked, we run, we hurt and we healed, we cried and we laughed, we did mistakes and we learnt our lessons.
After all this is my last Sunday in this college.
Funny it seems, how a day can remind of so many things. Of friendships, of mistakes, of myriads of feelings and of countless items in this endless thoughts running inside my mind.
Sad, happy, and mix emotions.
Sad to leave this phase. It's definitely hard to say goodbye to good friends and teachers who have been with me throughout this process. A phase of transition, a kid at heart and now emerge bold as a young man or probably as a young adult.
I've learnt a lot. About relationships, about attitudes about everything. This is life and there is indefinite journey to it. No full stop should be considered unlike these sentences.
Happy to let go part of these stories. I will leave some. But the major part of it, I'll treasure. I'll put it in a box mounting with appreciation, wrap it up tight with sheets of lessons. Happy to finally feel that this journey satiated my ultimate thirst for knowledge and life lessons, for the moment, yes I would say.
I have introduced myself to hundreds of personalities. Nice, great, impressive, hidden talents. I learnt something from every single one of them.
I have let myself delved deep into my heart, looking for the definition of life, setting up a certain goal to guide me in the subsequent journey. And I found what I want.
I believe, at this very second, the winds suddenly has its meaning, the clouds seem to bring good vibe, sunset looks so beautiful, and songs in iTunes remind  us about earlier semesters. 
This journey is about to come to an end, less than a week. So I sum up:

2 years in this college,
It's like a box of FOX candy,
First pick,
You get red, 
Second pick,
You get blue, coincidentally your favorite color.

4 semesters with lovely friends,
It's like a painting,
Mixture of colors,
Strokes of different angles,
And of various edges.

24 months as an IB student in this college,
It's like sitting under the rain,
Storms and thunder come occasionally,
It drizzles for a second,
And the next minute it rains with vengeance,

But this is not the end,
It's a beginning to a whole new adventure,
So long KMB,
So long teachers,
Dear memories, please stay,
Dear lessons, guide me,
Dear self, you've learnt your lessons,
Leave your mark,
And keep shining.