Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Friend Called Papan

I have a friend. I called her Papan. Everybody called her Papan. We were no we are, we were are? okay I'm confused if it still is, close friend. We laugh so hard it aches our stomach, we share stories like any other close friends would do and she even saw me half naked in my boxer with her older sister because we went shopping together. I was used to be close with her family until that one day. We both and we all took a different path in our life. Me heading to KMB and her somewhere in PJ for IIUM.

I remembered she having a problem with her face structure. I and her family even called her senget. And the last time I talked to her was 1 month before IB exam and that was probably the first time after more than 2 years. I'm an awful bastard for neglecting friends. 

Her family owned a beauty spa. It had become a must for me to come and laugh our arse off. But that was then, and after time had separated all of us and most of all, our friendship. And things just go awkward. I'm not sure if I can act like the same old me. Because I grow, you grow, everybody grow. And time definitely has worked on its magic.

It could be anybody's fault and it could be nobody's fault when things like this happens. Sometimes things just occur without us ever having a control over it. But the most crucial thing about this is, I probably was struck afresh with the reality of how things could go differently by just simply giving it time and by being ignorant obstruct by our own clogged judgments in our fantasies.

Regardless of how busy you are, remember, you are just one dial away from your friends. Always keep updated with good old friends because if you don't keep them, you'll always be a stranger in this world.
The ever senget Papan