Sunday, June 26, 2011

IB Result

I bet everybody is tired of waiting.I always dread the days after taking some major examinations.Because it's depressing and I will always disorientate in my own space and fail to believe that I can really make it.

These days,it has been tough for me to sleep and plus,I had been dreaming about my result,yes,my IB result.Well,you know,based on the way that I did the papers,I really doubt it that I can make it.C'mon this is not like SPM.You can still predict an A1 though you think it is suck enough to get a B4.This is time it is completely different.

Frankly,I did not think about IB result for the past one month,and now since it is like less than 2 weeks,I can't help myself but a loudly thumping heart.

I prayed.And now,I can't decide whether this is a sign from Allah or just another play put up by the Satan.

Dream 1
One of my close friends,Syu.She called me, so elated to tell me my result.I was shocked and I saw the slip.May be we skype-d.Then how come I can see the result right.Well,I'm trying to reasoned this dream obviously.And I saw I got 36.That should be enough to allow to enroll in one of the Irish Medical School.And I tried to ask her where the hell she got that and she hung up.I woke up.

Dream 2
This just happened today.I dreamed that I was in my senior's house.And I can see vividly which I happened to recognize from the pictures he uploaded on his Facebook profile.And I saw another senior,S Izuddin.You can follow my senior comments on my post.

Last time,when I asked for Allah guidance regarding my IUMC result,He showed me.This time,I'm not sure if this from Him or from Mr.Satan.
Insyaallah,if my rezeki is there,there's nothing to be worried about.Pray for me too if you happen to read this and I know Allah knows the best for me and for all of us :)