Friday, June 10, 2011

Not A Good PS

Just something to share. Not that good but this had passed quite a few readings from my teacher and my senior.

Happiness, sorrows and surprises, these are fractions in the equation of this extemporaneous life. Undoubtedly, one will encounter obstacles every now and then. Being me is normal, but living with my experience is extraordinary. I lost my father two weeks before I sat for my second semester examination. Undeniably, I was devastated by the news. Reminiscing those tearful moments, the news caused me overwhelming grief that pulled on each and every string in my heart. I cried and I am not ashamed of it, because I am being human. This, is not a typical story of an utter desolation leading to a major fall down, it is a story about a death that made a bright young boy stronger and wiser in pursuing a medical degree.
                With my greatest strength, I managed to put my sadness away and eventually grabbed a spot in the Honor Roll Award despite all the hardships that I was going through. Few years back when my father was hale and hearty, I was selected for the 15th National Children Science Congress in India. He was so proud and trusted me to become the best person that I can be due to my achievements. This program ingrained a strong passion for science in me. I managed to get the exposure to the science community in Asia and broaden my perspective to see the world scientifically. Ergo, I will exploit this passion to pursue this ever-changing medical course so that I can come up with new possibilities of invention through research and development.
                In addition, I believe that one should have their own added-value in themselves. When I was 13 years old, I was blessed with the chance to be involved in a Wind Orchestra ensemble. I started and I never stopped. Up till now, I am capable of skillfully playing the saxophone and timpani. I have been involved in a large number of competitions and performances. Through this activity, my self-esteem was perfectly polished and I learnt an essential element to be a great doctor in the subjectivity of music, cooperation. It is crucial to work in a team to produce the best quality of work. To save a patient in the operation theater is not a one-man show as it requires a group of people to work hand in hand with each other, and I honestly believe that I have cultivated this element deep in me.
                Besides, I did not let my gift of the gab to be in vain. Back then, I was the first speaker for my English Debate Team. I seized the opportunity to further improve and strengthen my soft skills. Standing in front of hundreds of people and being able to speak is not an easy job because it takes guts and great communication skills so that people will actually listen to you. Indubitably, debating gave me a learning platform to voice out my opinion on issues and it provided me with an atmosphere to think critically under high-pressured conditions. So, I enthusiastically endorse that to be an all-rounded medical practitioner, these qualities are a must. I strongly believe that I possess these elements which will assist me to achieve more in the medical field.
On top of that, my desire to pursue medicine is not just about my self-satisfaction and helping others because I can accomplish that in other areas, but I want to empower people around me. I want to give them a glimpse of hope and happiness to live in this harsh world. I want to be able to touch their lives and console them with my words. I want to lead them to the end of the sorrow tunnel and show them there’s always a light that will shine on their lives. And, I want to motivate people with my life experiences so that they do not succumb to adversities. I am aware of the challenges that lay in front of me in pursuing my ambition. Be it easy or difficult, nothing can stop my determination to be what I want in my life. I totally believe that, being a doctor is more than just curing diseases, it’s about changing the world with an ample willingness and dignity. With a soul of giving, loving and caring, I am destined to be a doctor.