Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sleep Problem

This is a post I ended up writing on after a much of a struggle to get myself in the dreamland.

It has been awful.Trust me.

Well I am a working man.Since I got 1K in my pocket,pretty much earned it.You know,mom owns a diner,work really hard,yeah,really hard for 50MYR per day.Work routine starts at 6pm.Then I get everything set,cooks are ready,and the customers throng to get their "re-fuel".And also the next thing I know it's already 12 midnight and I started the closing procedure.Usually I come home around 1am.

I shower.You know,long day at work.Sweats and all that not a really good companion for a good night kip.I know,I know it's not healthy.But would you really want to hit the sack with all that smells from the grill?Well,not really for me.And the struggle starts.

I will sit on my bed,get online,blog,Fb,Twitter and whatever that is available on the net,yes,that too,porn.Thank you for reminding me. *guffaw* 

Well I promised to only watch 1 episode of Supernatural then off to bed but 1 became 2 episodes.Then I dim the light, *This is American Idol*,kidding.Well,apparently tonight was my first attempt to sleep in low light intensity condition.Yeah,you got that right buddy,you just won yourself 1 million bucks.I don't feel comfortable to sleep in the dark and I don't like dark places.I tried to get use to sleep in the dark back in college,but things just doesn't feel alright.Am I afraid of the dark?Yes I am.I would wait to step into a dark room until the light is switched on.I am not the type of guy you really want to date with.Trust me.I probably better be born as a girl I guess.Well,moving on.

And you know,staying up late you always need one thing,food.Back in the days I was gearing up for IB exam,I bought loads of foods from the Ko-op.Snacks,peanuts,caffeine,bread you name it and even burger.You never know when that little tummy of yours will start playing that familiar sounds again.

So I,yeah,just ate a box of rice,mom's leftover.She offered me to have some earlier but I refused,might still be repleted by those teh tarik,fried noodles and satay.And hell yeah,I just scoured the kitchen for food.

Because of those aforementioned ramblings,I usually sleep like at this time almost 5am.And the thing I hate about this is,I usually wake up in the afternoon,12 noon for instance,and for some special instance,2pm.That makes a short day light for me.Get something to eat,brunch?No.I call it,late luncheon. Catch some movies or just get back to sleep.And if the weather is too hot, I will just continue watching some TV programs. Scorching hot day,you probably get that tan,but a sweaty body all day?You might wanna get dry a little.

So basically the question is, is it because I have an awful sleep habit or just that I'm scared of the dark?