Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tips To Improve English (Writing)

Well I don't have a perfect English proficiency. I am a learner, so being one will never ever put you on top. I always put myself at the bottom of the ladder. Nonetheless, when it comes to knowledge, we ought to share it regardless of its minimal amount, even for just a letter. So here I am writing a post for my lovely KMB friend and to everybody else who is willing to learn something. Correct me if tell you wrong tips.

To be frank, I came from a family that uses Bahasa ONLY to converse on daily basis. In fact, I am the only child in the house who knows to speak English. This is not to brag but more of a sharing on how a child of owner of a humble diner can also be as good as an English-speaking family.

I'd say in everything we do, we always need that tiny drop of this element, determination. You always need to put your head in it. I'm gonna split these tips on 3 parts, writing, speaking and listening. This really sounds like IELTS (I only got 7 for this, not a good band).

Here we are talking about academic writing and not on creative writing because that is another different chapter.

  1. You need to have a sound grammatical knowledge and good vocabulary
  2. Good vocabulary is achievable through a lot of reading
  3. You can copy sentences that you like and try to use it your writing
  4. To brush up, write and write and write
  5. Keep a good book of new vocab, that will do much help
As a writer myself, I notice that different people have different style of writing. To know what your style is, you need to write in a different kind of situation and definitely that needs to be done consistently. I found my writing style when I was in KMB, struggling to pour ideas on the given essays. Okay now some stories in KMB, I was surrounded with people of great English proficiency. Don't be intimidated, but that's the fact I'm telling you. All you need to do is to rise to their level because they won't come down on your level. Honestly, I don't really like grammar because sometimes when I write, it just feels right and it sounds right. I couldn't answer many questions on grammar.

If you really want to write better, first thing first, the grammar. Then you vary your sentence structure, this will absolutely require time. It is not a one night miracle, poof and everything is there, definitely not. 

On a different note, creative writing. Creativity is a must and if you already grasp this kind of writing, you can always incorporate it in your routine writing.

Well, definitely this is not much that I can share of. Just some lousy and typical tips but it works in reality. One word, determination. And yeah A GOOD DICTIONARY IS A MUST (install one on your laptop)

More in Part 2 (Speaking)