Friday, June 10, 2011

We Just Care Too Much

We just care too much,don't you think?We care too much of what people wear,we care too much of what people say,we care too much of what people do,we care too much of what people blog about,we just care too much.But why should we?I don't know.

I'd say I'm a simple person.If you do things not against the syariat,I'd say that is none of my friggin business.But if you're a tad over the top,the least I can do is just to stay away from the sin (but not the sinner) and that's probably my iman is at its lowest.

Honestly,I am easily annoyed with people who just simply care too much.Back in the glorious days of KMB,I tell you,there were like hundreds of CCTV were watching you.And that was when I hit the boiling point.I just couldn't bear with this kind of people.

My rule is,I don't give a damn of what you do and I expect you to return the favor.But that was like a thin hope in the air.So all I can do is to do whatever I do and those annoying comment,I never put it in a good use,because they are not even a constructive one.