Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Happy Endings Where I Begin

Yesterday was a remarkable history indeed. A day overflowed with happiness and excitement, an inexplicable blend of emotions. After all, it was our Graduation Day, we were the celebrated ones and and I was the late one. My auntie took the road to KMB despite the fact that she uttered herself that we were going to PICC, Putrajaya. Overconfidence really kills.
The robe made me feel like I'm one of the Hogwarts students except that we didn't have the wands with us. The day was perfectly simple. We came in, listen to the speeches, and of course chit-chatting among us the noisy people at the back was inevitable. And then in the performance by the music club. Great job people! Real nice event appropriate for Ramadhan.
Talked to my English teacher and my TOK teacher, very lovely people. Got a gift from my mentor, Miss Oja cum my English teacher and a card from Puan Mawarzah, my EE advisor, a real perfectionist she is. I just love ze teachers in KMB :) 
Meeting friends and people that makes your life in surviving IB Diploma at KMB is a real great pleasure. While chatting with my TOK and English teacher, I just realized that my day in KMB is real over, but I believe, the memories, friendships and every tiny bits of beautiful things in it are something that will keep on living with me. It was sad, really. But the sadness was well covered with the feel good vibe winding around in the atmosphere.
It's true. Something that has a beginning is inextricably subjected to an end. I am satisfied with my journey so far. I learnt a lot, definitely. I do not resent that I wasted most of my teenage life in school and college, having some sort of entertainments with books and more assignments. In the end, I just know that I am preparing myself for a challenging adulthood. And again, though this phase has ended, but I'll keep living in those beautiful memories and keep it as something to look back on every once in a while, because it is indeed a great journey. Have you keep yours?

Speech by Ketua Pengarah MARA

Performance by music club. Good job people!

The girl with green hijab, is UCD-ian also

3 stooges?

Nice muffler from Miss Oja. Thank you!

Family! <3

Miss Sher. Yeap, I will keep writing and sharing :)

Favorite teachers! :)