Friday, August 5, 2011

Graduation Day KMB

I wrote this CAS(Creative,Action,Service) reflection last year. The reflection was written for the music club since I was involved with the orchestra performance. Superb experience I'd say. I was involved for my seniors' Graduation Day since Year 1. All I can say is that, the priceless gift that I get during the day is absolutely the motivation that I can absorb from the event and that was among the things that kept me going in surviving International Baccalaureate Diploma at Kolej MARA Banting. Happy reading.

The first time will always be the best, but sometimes a second exposure could just be better. It is my sophomore year in Mara College Banting and here I am, blowing the best through my golden-coated brass-made saxophone during the most anticipated event for Music Club members, seniors’ Graduation Day. The sweats, endless hours of painstaking training and routine, ups and downs, they now had come to an end. It was an ending that worth to be remembered for as long as I can breathe.  I can vividly imagine the prestigious hall of Putrajaya International Convention Center, with the perfectly laid red carpet to welcome the honored guests and most importantly, the International Baccalaureate survivors. And there we are, sitting still, sharp and focused, ready to play the beats of the day jubilantly.
            Getting a second bite of the cherry in my life as a performer to be involved in Graduation Day is just a plain honor. Things would have been so much different if I did not make that bold step in signing up for Music Club a year ago. I learnt so much about life through my active involvements in this club. I believe these added values of life quality that I possessed will distinguish me from the common students. Equality, tolerance, discipline, commitment, these are all those valuable qualities that I managed to inculcate within me to be a better person in the future. Music, does prove to me that it is not just a mere lullaby, it is about life-improvements, it is about friendships, and it is more than just about playing running notes on the score sheets.
            To me, the highlight of my involvement for this year is about the motivation that I absorbed throughout the Graduation Day itself. Looking at the seniors draped in golden dresses and tailored suits, a glimpse of satisfaction reflected in every each one of them. It made me realized that my time will come, soon. The seniors had put their hearts and souls to complete their diploma. What about me? Will I be able to shine as bright as their smiles while holding the diploma on the stage? Will I be able to score 45 points like Wahidah Wahid; a former member of Music Club members? Yes I can. Nothing can stop me from having the same feeling that she had on that day.
            I was so inspired seeing her getting awards that she deserved to have. Until today, Graduation Day succeeded in heating up my motivation. It has become my turning point. I no longer doubt myself that I do have the potential to score beyond average. I am not afraid of setting up my goal at the maximum level. To deserve “I believe in you” from someone else requires me to believe in myself first. No matter how bumpy the road in front of me, I have to keep holding on. Nervous is just a common feeling in an adventure to achieve my goal because I am almost there. I deeply believed that we are the champions in our own lives.