Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lost In Thoughts

Semakin dekat hari nak masuk med school,semakin terasa kebangangan diri. Menarik punya hypothesis. And that of course, only apply to me.

So how's that for the intro?

Let's get back to serious matter. Well, it's a yeah 2.15 am 8/18/2011. Yeah  tell me about it, I love writing blogpost at some odd hours. For the past 3 months I apparently have stocked up more fats than I ever could for the past 10 years. And since Ramadhan, things get a little MORE fattening than it is ever before. Wake up, online, breaking fast, online, sleep, sahur, sleep. What a preparation for med school.

Some of my friends, they have started READING the first chapter of medical books. So you tell me my dear friends, siapa yang skema ayam di sini?pfftt. So yeah, screw them. SCREW YOU. Jangan turn on kan my kiasu mode di sini. Masih ada raya aidifitri untuk diraikan.

I am, or I was willing to make a proper post about Futsal KMB and Alma Mater, but I don't know. Staying idle at home has eventually taken its toll on me, making me even lazier day by day.

Anyways, I'd like to make a'd like to thank my seniors for answering all those stupid questions of mine regarding going to Ireland and yeah more specifically going to University College Dublin. They even told me how many undergarments that I should bring to Ireland. This is too nice to be true. Thank you sooo sooo much.

For a grammar nazi and spelling nazi like moi, writing in a mash up of language is so rare and this is one of them. Kill me, some other language nazi! But yeah, tragically, I am a control freak. I want everything to be in my control despite the fact that I have made a promise to myself to let loose of certain things after college, but it seems a bit far from becoming reality. Toodles