Friday, August 19, 2011

The Lucky Number

BROKEN HEART.She's my gossip girl with another girlfriend.hihi.I can't remember how exactly we talked to each other.It was like we're just close since forever.Die ni all her ranting, I know the right person that she's referring to. A very sweet girl. I like her name. SHE HAS A PRETTY SISTER AND GOOD LOOKING BROTHERS. I guess it's in her gene. So don't worry, you really should move on for someone better. I love reading her love posts or her heartbroken posts. It seems so real and something that I can relate to. Cheerful and very expressive. Can see some part of me reflecting from herself :)

ILY.Dah almost 10 years kawan.She knows me inside out. She can accept me the way I am. Memang ini ultimate bestfriend. TAK PERNAH EMO. Pernah kot. Sekali. sepanjang panjang  kawan memang tak pernah tau bile die marah. same macam saye. Susah nak marah kot. And taktau nak cakap ape sebab tak payah cakap pape  pun she knows how important she is for the past 7 years hehe :)

No more numbers :)