Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Eid

We have our own way in celebrating a big day, be it birthday or Eid Ul Fitr (Eid). Same goes to me. I tend to go heartless in celebrating important days because for me it's just the same, LIKE.ANY.OTHER.DAY.

Started the day with a routine check on my email inboxes, Facebook and Twitter and also on top of all that, UCD Connect, where I got all the updates on my university registration process. I can't walk outta my room until I do all these. Hopefully a new smartphone would do me a great favor.

My day couldn't get any better without a plate of my mom nasi minyak (oily rice ke in English? LOL). And the day continued without me getting shower. I've told you, it is just a normal day for me. And then I went to my dad's grave and then my day ended. I lead a such boring life. Lifeless is more like it.

I got a pile of clothes and stuffs to be packed in my luggage. I have a mix feeling over going to Ireland to further my study.

Tak tau nak rase ape. Nak rase excited, nervous mencanak. Nak rase happy, teringat pulak entah ape hard times will I face mase dekat UCD nanti. Orang cakap suka suka sangat tanda nak menangis. Motiff... 

Saye rase akan tukar bahasa menulis ke bahasa melayu. Campur campur, rojak petis. Kejap lagi saye post pasal issue nak fly ni.