Thursday, August 4, 2011

Time Really Flies

I was looking for the right first sentence to start this post. But never mind, cause that could take ages to figure out.

Long hiatus? Yes, absolutely. I just don't know the reason why ever since IB result was announced, my excitement to pursue my oversea degree goes out through the window. And I fail to summon them back, they just disappear into thin air. When my friends are just elated about it, I am in the predicament of finding back that excitement, browsing seniors pictures, chat with them but those are not enough. To say I am nervous to embark on university life as a medical student, that's pretty much the understatement of the year. Maybe, when we lose something, we shouldn't look for it, just let it go. Or should we?

Found the strength to update this blog to really walk the talk. I tweeted last time that I will only write my next post once I am informed about my respective university. And yeah, I got University College Dublin (UCD). Yay for that! Well this calls for some explanation. I once aimed for Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and not UCD. And there's a but to that, it was just my preference. As long as I got Dublin, I am just more than happy. At last, my dreams really came true. Alhamdulillah. I call this as Ramadhan luck.

For the moment, I am so occupied with forms, forms and more forms. It takes a dizzy head to fill all these.

Those are for MARA onlayyy!Not yet uni!

This one cost me 226MYR
All I can say is, going overseas not as easy as it looks and you need to fork out some of you OWN money to pay for apartment deposits and etc. But since this is what I want, nothing seems to be that hard to be done.

The long hiatus, I was constantly thinking. What is it to become of me? Will life be easier, or will it turn into some ferocious battle where I am the handicapped fighter? What's life version would you want? Have you find yours?