Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Last KMB Trip: Greatest Gift

I think I should probably blog this. This is not about me bragging of how kind I am towards others’ difficulties but it’s more like a friendly reminder and to share the values that I got from this experience.

I was at KL Central McDonald and I saw two girls guiding a blind man into the restaurant. The man  clad in a yellow t-shirt, I saw some dirt at the bottom of the t-shirt First I thought these two girls probably this old man family, one is the wife and the prettier one could probably be the daughter of the couple. But I was completely wrong. They are not related since the old man addressed himself as pakcik and called the two girls as adik. Then once he settled down, the two girls walk away. But they stopped. Standing at a distance visible to me and visible for them to see the old man. The old man said hello a few times. Silence. Then the two girls came back. once again they helped the old man to make his order. I was still trying to eat whatever left on the table. Then he started eating and I was done at that moment.

Suddenly he said hello once again, this time twice. And the two girls are gone.
Me                   : Ye pakcik.
Old man          : Sugar and cream.
Me                   : Sekejap pak cik.

(Went to the service table and took 2 sachets of sugars and cream)

Me                   : Nah pakcik.
Old man          : Tolong isikan.

(I pour those sachets in his drinks)

Me                   : Dah pakcik.
Old man          : Anak kerja sini?
Me                   : Tak.
Old man          : Oh datang makan?
Me                   : Haah. Pak cik dari mana?
Old man          : Dari sini.
Me                   : Nak ke mana?
Old man          : Penang.
Me                   : Oh. Naik apa?Train?
Old man          : Haah. Tu je la pakcik naik.Buta susah.Dalam train tandas  semua ada.Senang.

(Gave the old man RM10, not much but I need to make it up to the old man for my reluctance in helping him earlier)

Old man          : Terima kasih.
Me                   : Ok pakcik. Saya nak balik dah.
Old man          : Balik dah?
Me                   : Haah. Terima kasih dik.

You know, it makes me realized that, to make some good deeds, it ain’t easy. Because it takes courage. A courage to express your empathy and sympathy. A courage to help a stranger. A courage to do the good deeds. And it does reminds me of how I should be grateful to Allah for the vision that I have, for the health that I possess. And it makes me realized that giving is another way for you to show your syukur to Allah.

To become a great doctor, yeah I’m not saying about being a good or average doctor  but I’m saying about being a great doctor,you heard me, I need to have these qualities. A great life quality, sharing whatever we have because all in all it’s the possession of The Almighty. And this is my great gift for my last trip going back to KMB.

Friday, March 4, 2011

I Miss You

And the March buds started to blossom,
And where's January? Where's February?
There goes time out of the window,
Leaving me, stranded here,
Counting the seconds,
When minutes and hours are racing,
Reaching infinity,
Out of uncertainty,
O past moments,
I miss you.