Friday, April 22, 2011

A Week Before IB Exam

Hi peeps! (Smile ear to ear)
It has been a while I know.Just finitto my MOCK IB EXAM.It feels good once again having the opportunity to smile and get some minutes out of the murky situation struggling for final exam which will kick off on the 4th of May.This time I feel like writing a long post.Hopefully.

I'm not sure about my performance.Almost all papers I just thought of a so-so performance.But I was surprised with my own marks for my Chemistry paper 1.I accidentally scored 39/40.What an odd.I usually get less than 35 for this paper.But that paper,it seems pretty easy.But no ditto for paper 2.It was sloppy.I was so frustrated with paper 2 Chemistry.Biology,paper 1 was like usual.Reached my average result.35/40.It was quite tricky.Paper 2 Biology,not really satisfied with it.Need to read a lot more on that.And I screwed my paper 3.Database questions for these two papers were totally a disaster.Getting a dizzy interpreting all those graphs.But I really need to fine tune everything this last one week before the real deal.And for Business Management Studies,I wasn't satisfied with it.I still think that answers were not a 7 answers.Need to brush up on theories and master all the application skills.English was okay.Pretty challenging on some parts but I guess I'll get through that.Anyhow,for Malay which is apparently my mother tongue,seems to bring some difficulties for me.So ironic.Malay for IB is so technical,too many things that you need to take care of while writing the essays.Math.7?Almost but not yet there.So I really have to nail this paper.And this would be my first paper for IB exam.So that was about exam.

I babble about exam on this blog because it just feel not awkward to let out all this rambling over the net rather than telling this to your friends.Simply because they might get annoyed with you.So this is the safest option.Somehow,all this mock thingy it gives me some confidence to face the real exam.At least I know where my level is at.Moving on...

I am so sorry to those who happen to bump into me this whole week.I had put that tight faces 24/7.It just happen,not that I intentionally do that.I feel more focus when I don't have those fun moments.It's like everything inside here [pointing to heart] will be reflected here [pointing to face].And now I'm smiling once again.At least for today.Not sure about today.I guess I should stop thinking when I walk because that's the reason why I got all those tense vibes on me.All in all,I'm doing fine.Body is okay,everything is okay.

Well,I don't wanna talk a lot on this because it'll make me sad having to say goodbye to all these people,classmates,teachers,friends,juniors and etc.It's just sad.

I am having a not-so-good-sleep-time.I sleep around 11 pm and wake up at 3 am everyday.Need to do this because there's no more time to waste for a deep slumber.I am so gonna replace all this sleep hours once IB is over.

#I miss the outside world so much.
#I miss my old days,the people and the experience
#I dread to think about the future
#I'm gonna miss KMB's skies a lot after this (should snap some photos)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm Fine

It is suppose to be my sleep time right now but I need to write this so I will remind myself that I have been through this a lot of times.It's my guide to lead back my life on track,when the clouds rain obstacles and the wind blows with the thirst of moving on with life.

I'm fine.I'm totally fine with some mild cough and stuffy nose,I'm fine.I can live with this for as long as a year.Had once caught flu for the whole year and resulted in some severe headache before this.

I live to do awesome stuffs.Not to prove to people but none other than myself.I define my awesome.It might be awesome to me but completely the opposite for you.

I need to collect myself and patch up those tiny holes in the heart.I need to be highly motivated.I wish to have thousands of wishes granted but since life is not a walk in the cloud,I'll take whatever coming with the pleasure of learning this whole life journey.

I'm getting tired of IRP session,the facts confusing moments are so highly likely to occur in every 5 minutes.I just can't stand it.And the exercises,it's like there's no more space for you to breathe.

Nevertheless,I'm fine.I'm fine because I have my friends to cheer me up.I'm fine because I have my family to rely on.I'm fine because I know up there,Abah is gonna be happy with what I'm doing.I'm fine because I know I have Allah.

All in all,I'm fine because I feel fine about myself :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

And I Keep Going

Monday morning,
Shower me with its warmth,
It's a start of a journey,
The taken road.

Time.It doesn't wait for you.For every blinks,a second pass you.And the further you sail,the farther you from the memories that you made.And the path,fill you with ripples,a wavy ocean,and you need to stay strong.This is the perfect time of giving.I promise.A promise to succeed in this battlefield together,strong and sound as a team.I'm not hoping for a smooth sailing,and I'm halfway home,halfway to the end.I can't look back.Stand still,bold and let a smile tuck in the agony.

Dear Life,
Be strong with whatever challenges ahead of you.Don't ever forget those people that were once in your life.Appreciate every single of them.They teach you to be a better person in coping with life.Embrace the remaining moments that you still have.This is the place,the place you pour your heart out.And don't ever regret for anything that you had done before.A scarred heart makes you stronger and don't complaint and begging for a better life because this is the best that you will ever possess.

Dear Angels,
Hear my prayers.Relay those to God.I pick my choices and I believe God will decide the best for me.On Angel's wings I put all my wishful thinking.Fly high soaring above the sky and make an angelical formation so I could feel alright once again knowing God will hear my prayers.

Dear Rain,
Pour more,pore heavily.Wash away my sanity and let me be a child once more.Wash away my painful filth,let it flow to the end of the road,rejoicing life once more.Keep me company,keep me out of the warmth of Monday morning.Chilly morning shakes some senses into me.

Dear Friends,
All the best.Pray harder,study harder.You decide on your life.No matter how bumpy the roads are,we have hands that we can hold tight and a shoulder to cry on.That's what friends are for,in time of happiness,we share the laughters,in hard time of sadness,we console each others.We gonna make this through.We will and we do it as a team.

Dear Readers,
This metaphorical post is for you to ponder its vague meaning.It might denotes  something to some people but that doesn't mean it resembles everyone else's.We all hope for the best in life,but the best is not necessarily the best for you.As we grow older,we'll see what's life is all about.

And it's still pouring.It pours like there's no tomorrow and it makes me feel good once again.