Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thank You!

You know, when good things happen like this, there will be no exact words that can express your feeling. Everything seems to jumble up with emotions, and there is nothing that can stop this feeling.

Thanks to Allah for granting my wishes.

Thanks to my mom and I dedicate this sweetest achievement to my arwah abah. My parents are my greatest inspiration and motivation.

Thanks to KMB teachers for their countless advices, guidance, knowledge that they share, everything (there is defo too much to be said). To Puan Mawarzah, Miss Oja, Puan Iliani, Cikgu Hasni, Puan Zaiton, Puan Kamariah, Miss Yati, Ustaz Sulor, Ustazah Madhiah (probably wrong spelling) and whoever in the college whom had helped me to get the best out of this program and teach to be a better man.

Thanks to my seniors, Fitri Hakim, Qaiyyim, Hijaz Ridzuan, S Izuddin, Fahmi Nordin, Adib Redzuan, Fadzrel, Amir Asraf, Pi’e, Lutfi, Syauqan, Rhoe, Azhar, Cami Syahmi, Wahidah Wahid, Liyana Mustafa (senior EE BMS), and the list goes on. There are just too many people who taught me great stuff to make it through. Thank you so much. And not to forget to all my seniors from SAKTI Rizwan Shah, Babat/Mat Yi, Hazmel, Aizat Bonda/Ruby, Syafiq Yazid and many more to be mentioned.

Thanks to my batch mate. Everyone has a role to allow me to produce good grades and great performance.

Thanks to my juniors.

Thanks to everybody who happens to have their role in helping me before this.

I definitely owe you guys a lot.

Be OK!

I think I'm gonna be fine
just fine
just so fine 
regardless of my result
cause I wanna be OK once again
Good luck all KMB-ians!
Good luck IB candidates!

And I belive life can be sum up in three words:It Goes On