Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gasping For Air: Random/Short

So urmmm... yeah still breathing, barely. Gasping is more like it. 

Have I lost the interest in writing? Or my life has reached its dullest phase? Yes? No?

So let's start with a purpose.


The most dramatic change in all aspect of my life. The first and second weeks were horrible. Ate whatever there were to be eaten. But I cooked ayam masak kurma' or kurma, whatever the spelling is, and it tasted NICE. Approved by a senior. LOL. Yeah I miss my mom's dishes. She cooks great foods, as a son or as some general people, she really does cook AWESOME. Well it's hard to be the youngest, tend to miss all this tiny weeney bit of stuffs like these. Shhhhh..don't tell my mom. When she cries every time she Skype-d with me, I gave that look ma-please-stop-crying-im-just-a-flight-away, need to look strong and no shedding of tears please. LOL.

Baile Atha Cliath

For god sake, can someone please teach me how to pronounce this? It's so annoying to see something so often but you just so clueless about it. Things at med school are fine. Just fine. I just don't find it interesting to post loads of pictures on Facebook. And regarding Facebook, I so loathe the fact that more people are posting more and more of annoying posts. Well, I should snap pictures and put it in for my posts. 

Molecules in Medicine 2

Oligomeric protein...
Glycyl bla bla bla...

First 10 minutes....
5 out of 20 multiple choice questions answered, 3 are under KIV label.

10 minutes before exam ended...
Scribbling...Scribbling...Racking...Racking...And the dice was thrown...

That should be A because question 9 is E, they can be so close together. Let's make some space over here. Oh yeah, that could be C or E, let's go for C shall we?

Examination has ended...Smile and smile (read:cussing cussing cussing)

Have I missed all the lectures?