Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bon Voyage

Dear readers,

I will stop updating this blog for good.
It has been a wonderful time capturing my memories back in preparatory college on this blog.
The reason why I want to stop writing on this blog is because I think I've reached a different phase in my life and the stories that I'd like to share is of completely different contents and some of the readers who used to read this blog might find it a bit off the track.
I will let the blog in public mode but no more post.
I am creating another blog, I will start back from scratch.
If you wanna read it, you need to find it yourself ;)
It will be completely anonymous, so I can be free in pouring my ideas and reflect on certain issues :D
I hope what remains in this blog can still be useful to some of yous if not many.

Many thanks for reading this blog and have a wonderful life everyone!