Friday, June 21, 2013

Of Spicy Food And Trip Planning

I have been living in my house for a couple of days. By living I mean, not going out of my house at all. There's absolutely nothing to do here. Nada. I wake up around half 8 in the morning, go to the kitchen for something to eat or just...tea. Growling stomach can only be heard an hour later which is probably around 9.30 which requires me to eat a proper meal. Well since it is Malaysia, there is no better way to start your 1 of a countless meals per day with nasi lemak or roti canai. Both have been my favourite since I was a kid. And most of the time, minus the spicy sauce. The way it works for me with spicy food is, it's hot in the mouth, but double the hotness when it goes out. RING OF FIRE! Hence, I try to avoid the 30 minutes in the toilet moment by not eating them. 

Speaking of that, it reminds me my recent trip coming back to Malaysia. So we were served nasi lemak with spicy shrimps sauce, it was MAS Airlines in-flight food so yeah it was tasty, I was like, finally this is the real nasi lemak. Halfway stuffing my face with the food, sweats dripping at the back of my neck, so I looked around in that section which was occupied by 50% of foreigners, and I noticed something, RED FACES! And that of course including me. And let's not talk about me having diarrhoea after eating a really really really really spicy sambal the day before my flight home.

So, I have been trying to plan my trips to Singapore and Bangkok. At this stage, plan for Bangkok is alright,  Saturday will be a bit packed with activity. I might change that to Friday and go to Ayutthaya on Saturday instead. I'm the kind who likes to plan. It gives me a sense of direction and on what to do plus this is my first trip alone. But it annoys me sometimes that my planning get to every details possible and everything seems to be like a lot of work. I guess I need to leave some space for spontaneity to happen. Wait, you don't simply plan for spontaneity. See, I like everything to be well-planned. 

I haven't booked for my flight from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur. Not sure yet, which transportation I wanna take this time. But definitely not train cause I wanna be in KL for a couple of days to meet my friends. 

And I hope it will rain next week because haze has reached a hazardous level. I might postpone my trip to Singapore if the haze is still bad. But I definitely can't do anything about my trip to Bangkok because I have booked hotel room and bought train ticket already.

So that's all for now. I will try to update this blog everyday. Hopefully, if I'm not lazy. Ciao!