Sunday, June 16, 2013

Writing My Thoughts Out...Again

Here I am, sitting in this boiling weather, at one corner of my mom's diner. Trying to figure out how the world works, trying to plan my trip to Bangkok and Singapore properly, with a glass of ice and the constant mentions on my Twitter timeline.

My mom durian dessert was not helping. I don't know what's in it that makes your body feels so warm, 2 days ago I couldn't sleep at my aunt's house because I ate durian, sweating so bad in the middle of the night. Ended up sleeping on the floor at 3 in the morning.

Almost two years ago, I posted about not updating this blog ever again. I actually created another blog that probably lasts for less than 5 posts. Well done me. Two years living abroad, there's so much I have discovered and experienced but I never have the time to sit and write.

All those things I have learnt for the past 2 years, some still vividly run at the back of my mind, some probably disappear in thin air, vaguely remembered.

Stuck for almost 2 weeks now at my family's home in Malaysia, I can die from boredom and from not doing anything. So I decided to make use of this blog again. 

Writing again in this blog took some courage for me to do it. It will be different. Last 2 years I was in preparatory college but this time, I'd like to call it a different phase of life? Ha I just laughed at that sentence. And why is Malaysia so warm?