Saturday, July 6, 2013

BANGKOK DAY 1: A Taste Of Bangkok

It was one of the uncommon mornings I have before. I woke up on a moving train, sitting on a bed of a moving train to be precise making its way to Hua Lamphong in Bangkok. I was hungry and it was 6 am, there was no sign the train staff will serve food anytime soon. So I went to the toilet and brushed my teeth, afraid of the long queue. I didn't shower, it's difficult in a shaky, moving train and even to urinate requires concentration to shoot the right spot which is the toilet bowl! After brushing my teeth I had the tuna and biscuits that I brought from home and my mineral water was less than a quarter of the bottle even a fish would die in it.

To the excitement of my growling stomach, train staff bellowed from the other end of the coach "Morning, breakfeest, breakfeest!" I sat up straight and she asked me to go to a table she set. The Japanese guy joined me, he was on the upper berth and I was sleeping on the lower berth. We both had our breakfast paid by the Germany guy who's being called Papa by the lady who served me breakfast. 

The last few bites, and Papa finally woke up. He had his rice porridge he ordered last night for his breakfast. We had some chats at the table which later joined by the Iranian guy, we called him Kun Pattaya or Mr Pattaya. The bed had now turned into seats again.

It was around half 8 in the morning and I started to feel sleepy again after the breakfast. And I didn't feel like talking. So I turned to the window and staring outside the moving train. Thinking and writing for my blog post and also a poem. It felt so good writing again in a different atmosphere. And this is why I love smartphone like Blackberry, mini-sized computer in your palm allowing me to do things on the go.

The Germany guy insisted about sharing drinks with me, so I agreed. I bought some fried stuff on the train and I didn't like it.

After what it seems a forever train journey to Bangkok we were finally approaching and more buildings can be seen alongside. I didn't give my email to the Germany guy but added the Japanese guy on my Facebook and of course we were going to the hotel together because he was clueless about Bangkok. Papa went, slipping away in the moving crowd. Iranian guy followed us till BTS Asok then we went on our own way. He was making his way to Pattaya and us to the hotel. 

The hotel was easily spotted, it was right across the station. We had to wait for an hour for the room to be ready. For lunch, I had a chicked fried rice at a nearby stall, and it was delicious. It tastes different from all the fried rice that I have eaten before.

The hotel room was nice enough for cheap price that I paid through Expedia. But I hate the fact that you need to pay for wifi in the hotel! 150 Baht per day. Can't complain, it's Bangkok after all!

Put all my stuff and then had a shower. Needed some rest, knackered after a long train journey. Headed out to a shop in front of the hotel to buy water and adapter. And I realized I was running out of Bath currency, I had MYR notes and Singapore dollars. 

Now, the first mission was to get a sim card from the nearest 7 Eleven just behind the hotel. I need it for internet because I can't live without Twitter. And need to use whatsapp too. I asked the reception where is the nearest money changer and they said The Mall. I decided to walk because in Dublin walking gets you everywhere. 15 minutes walking I finally arrived at The Mall, sweating like a pig. It was an unfortunate attempt, I didn't bring my passport and they couldn't do it for me. So had to go back to hotel, had food, changed tshirt and I took the train to Phaya Thai just for a money changer. Managed to find one and bought the sim card. Spent almost 2 hours to set it up but I failed to activate the sim. FML. Was meant to meet a local friend but couldn't reach him so went back to the hotel and it was time to call it the first day in Bangkok.